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LinkedIn takes greater ad share

We know there was a general groan from the global marketing community when Microsoft took over LinkedIn, but it seems to be working out very well so far

Having since gained access to some of LinkedIn’s beta inventory, we’re quite happy with what

we’re seeing to-date. There’s a lot in the LinkedIn pipeline, and if it provides results even half as good as the ones we’ve seen with their InMail feature, then it’ll be cheers all round.

What sets LinkedIn apart as a platform is its ability to target people according to industry, job role, job title, skills, interests and seniority. This means that if you want to target Data Scientists in the Automotive Industry who have at least 10 years’ experience and are interested in AI, then you can. You’re then safe in the knowledge that the message targeting will be spot-on.

But what’s next after that? A potential integration between LinkedIn and Bing Ads, meaning that you can advertise directly to this segment in Bing. And yes, we know that hardly any of you ever use Bing, but there’s a reliable segment of the market that actually do use this search engine, and if you know who they are because of the integration, then you can refine your message even further.

It could be huge.