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Social Media Marketing

The Community Manager becomes a ‘hero’ role

During the course of 2018, an increasing number of fintechs and start-ups set about recruiting dedicated Community Managers for their organisations.

The remaining majority of businesses continuing on with the supposedly tried-and-trusted strategy of getting their social media executive / assistant or intern / work experience kid to manage their precious Facebook groups, Instagram comments and Twitter DMs.

If you haven’t already come across this role very much, the Community Manager’s remit is basically a blend of marketing, sales and customer service - answering queries, nurturing new and potential customers, sharing helpful (and relevant) content, and being a general ‘helping hand’ for community members. They’re a friendly face of ‘X’ company, and in theory, an ‘always on’ resource.

The recent emergence of the Community Manager role has not gone unnoticed. We predict that, in 2019, this will become a more sought-after position for companies needing to add an extra string to their CX bow. It’ll also be more widely referred to and adopted as a BAU job type in the digital marketing world.

The incumbent of this kind of role won’t necessarily be doing all the social media tasks under the sun. Instead, they’ll be mainly dedicating their time to building up and engaging with micro-communities living on various social platforms (the most obvious incarnation of this being a company’s associated Facebook group).

It all comes back to brands needing to meet ever more challenging customer expectations and formidable standards of service. The Community Manager position could therefore be a business’s new customer service saviour this year.