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Reliable and secure

Hosting and Support

It has never been more important to protect your customers' data and provide a fast and reliable hosting solution to allow search engines and users quick access to your pages.

Website hosting, security and support requirements will vary depending on your line of business. We provide shared hosting solutions for SMEs but we scale up to fully-managed, dedicated servers for our enterprise-level clients.

Both options include a dual environment to allow for a development version of your site, as well as a separate ‘live’ instance. We manage versions through a centralised hub to ensure that we can always roll back and push changes as required.

New features can easily be branched off, packaged up, A/B tested, rolled back and reapplied, and we keep a permanent record of who changed what and when for the life of each project. Multiple developers can even work on the same files at the same time without fear of overwriting others’ changes.

Dual environment to allow for a ‘development’ version of your site, as well as a separate ‘live’ instance.

Website development retainers

Regular maintenance is essential to keep a website up-to-date and secure. Our maintenance and support contracts provide peace of mind for our clients and guaranteed turnaround times for development work. Work varies from regular updates, security scans, bug fixing, building new features, telephone support and crisis management.

We offer a variety of different maintenance and support packages but most are bespoke. Please get in touch to talk about how we can help you specifically.

Security and data protection

We take security and data protection very seriously. From the secure hosting environments, right through to the front end of your website, each technology layer is methodically hardened against automated attack vectors, and processes are in place to maintain the tight internal security of workstations, passwords, codebases and databases.

Independent penetration testing has been carried out on several of our client websites and content management systems, and no serious vulnerabilities have been uncovered.

CLD’s internal processes have also been scrutinised and refined by a multinational healthcare client during a process they call the ‘Business Partner Risk Assessment’, and we now work with them as a trusted partner, dealing with confidential healthcare and patient data hosted across multiple international web properties.

Hosting & Maintenance FAQs

Which hosting vendor do you work with?

Our preferred hosting partner is Rackspace. They provide hosting services to more than 60% of the Fortune 100, and are SOC approved.

How much does it cost?

Our basic shared server solution is £50 per month, while a dedicated server can range from £180 to £750 per month.

How often do you take backups?

Full snapshot images of servers are taken weekly (4 images retained). Incremental backups of file servers are taken daily, while databases are backed up fully every week.

How do you monitor server uptime?

We use the Rackspace ‘Intelligence Platform’ to monitor a range of datapoints across each server. We ping from 3 locations around the world, and alerts are triggered 24/7/365.

What does essential maintenance include?

Essential maintenance keeps your CMS (Content Management System) and the plugins up-to-date.

Do you offer SSL certificate management?

Yes - we can set up your SSL certificate and renew it for you each year. Our 2048-bit encryption meets the compatibility requirements of all major browsers.

How do you manage hosting for sites with global traffic?

We use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to improve speed and remove the need for hosting across multiple data centres.

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