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Cranford House

A leading independent school with a site to match

Cranford House needed a new website experience to reinforce their status as a leading UK school.


The school was in a transitional period, they were known for being a girls school but were now offering co-ed. They were also opening a new sixth-form area, lots of perceptions needed to change.

Our Goal

We set out to create an online experience that reflected the school’s vibrant personality and esteemed heritage. We knew the school had a lot of information to communicate but we wanted to avoid text-heavy pages and multiple navigation levels.


Digital strategy, UX / UI design, Front and Back-end development, SEO, Hosting

Our Approach

We created the new site from the ground up using Craft CMS, with a bespoke design based on the existing brand. Wireframes led the way, followed by high fidelity design prototypes for mobile and desktop. Due to high traffic volumes on mobiles, we took extra care to optimise the experience for those users, which included working with the teachers directly to edit copy. 


The school now has the confidence to use the new site as a platform to launch their new initiatives, it has become an important tool to help change perceptions and has produced a record uplift in recruitment applications.