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A fresh approach to international payments

An intuitive sign-up process for an international payment provider.


Frontierpay provide international payment solutions to both companies and individuals. They’re an FCA regulated company and deal with over 145 currencies across more than 200 countries. They had a new logo but no brand guidelines to support it, which meant the imagery and iconography were all up for grabs.

Our Goals

The sign-up procedure required a lot of information to be submitted via online forms, our main goal was to understand this process in order to simplify the user experience and subsequently improve the number of successful applications across all devices.


UX / UI Design, Front-end and Back-end development, Salesforce integration, Hosting

Our Approach

Within the planning phase our designers created a style tile to establish the look and feel for the brand, they then worked closely with the operations team at Frontierpay to understand the processes required for signing up new user accounts. We replayed these back to them in the form of user journey maps and wireframe prototypes.

We took a security-first approach to the hosting, with a dedicated Rackspace VPS, the site is built and maintained with Craft CMS, which is regularly updated and penetration tested.


The integration with Salesforce had an instant impact on the way Frontierpay were able to respond to applications, which subsequently led to an increase in new account sign-ups. Considerably more applications were being completed on mobile devices; a testament to the improved mobile experience and streamlined application process.