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South Bucks Community Hospice

A considered approach for a local hospice website

South Bucks hospice needed a credible website experience that conveyed professionalism and caring culture.


The South Bucks Hospice team were raising money for a new building, the new website was required to help raise awareness for the fundraising.

Our Goals

A variety of different types of people visit the SBH site, each with a different objective and frame of mind. We were briefed to design a website that was sensitive to this. There was also a requirement to raise awareness for fundraising by listing events and channeling users through to the donate page.


UX / UI Design, Front-end and Back-end development, Salesforce integration, Hosting

Our Approach

We worked with SBH to define eight different user personas. We developed wireframe prototypes for mobile and desktop based on the likely user journeys for the personas. This gave us confidence during the creative stage because we knew that all the important decisions regarding layout and content had already been agreed.

The site was built on Craft CMS and hosted on Rackspace servers. We’re very proud that the CMS training only took two hours, testament to the intuitive CMS. The content is stored in pre-defined channels allowing the client to quickly pull relevant modules into pages.


Since launch, the site has steadily grown in both traffic and conversions. Conversions were not being measured with the previous site, this new data is very useful for the team and helps them quantify the success of individual campaigns. Volunteer applications have increased by 50% which is in itself a cause for celebration.

CLD has subsequently won contracts to support the Evelina Children’s Hospital website and the Head and Neck Cancer Foundation (HNCF).