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How UKDP multiplied leads x 8

With a site that had slipped to an average of just 20 leads per month, UKDP approached CLD to turn things around. We acted as consultants to develop a digital strategy that would position UKDP as the authority in off-mains drainage.

Getting More of What You’ve Got

The first challenge was to make the website convert better. Web forms were hard to find, and the site navigation was confusing for visitors. We proposed some changes that would make it easier to use, and easier to get in touch. With these improvements, the conversion rate went from 0.92% to 1.84% - an immediate doubling. It subsequently rose to 2.33%.

We also made changes to mobile traffic, as this had a high bounce rate and low conversion rate. These changes grew conversions from 0.40% to 1.96% on mobile, and we also introduced a click-to-call functionality.

100% improvement in conversion rate (0.92% to 1.84%)

Growing Traffic & Becoming An Authority

Over the 18 months we have been working with UKDP, their traffic has grown 800%, with nearly 10,000 people a month visiting the UKDP website.

We worked with the team at UKDP to develop a blogging strategy that included keywords, but also brought out their unique voice. With more content - and more internal links - rankings rose for high-volume keywords such as “Septic Tank Problems” and “Soakaway Problems”, as well as high-value keywords such as “septic tank insurance”.

800% increase in traffic

A Focus on Local Search

Even though UKDP is based in Berkshire, they can help customers from Penzance to Inverness - so the challenge was to rank for local keywords, despite not being based locally.

With UKDP, we created landing pages for each county, and then analysed data which showed us which towns and cities were most popular, before creating pages for these. We regularly report on which areas are generating most leads.

30% of leads generated from local search terms