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MQL (Marketing qualified lead) generation

How ZAP went from 0 to 1,700 leads in 3 months

Zap had a new proposition, a new product, and a need to generate a healthy pipeline – quickly. Within three months of kicking off our campaigns, their pipeline had gone from zero to 1,700 people which included 40 Sales-Qualified leads.

How did we do it?

We worked with the ZAP team to develop an understanding of the marketplace. With keyword and competitor research, we were able to optimise web content and develop new pages that would be used for organic and paid search.

We used InMail to target specific job roles, skills and groups with a variety of different messages and calls to action. By analysing responses and demographics, we quickly realised that InMail was a quick way of getting to market, and developed more content for this channel, refining audiences according to the message.

We developed a number of multi-channel campaigns that ran across Google Display, Google Ads, Facebook, InMail and Sponsored LinkedIn video posts.

We also carried out a UX review of the site, using heatmaps and recordings to understand blockages and drop-outs around the site. This analysis showed us which pages to re-design, and which content people engaged with most.