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CLD agency announces a new reporting system for 2024

Helen Bailey

CLD will kick off 2024 by piloting a significant enhancement to its performance reporting process.

From January we’re shifting away from routine monthly Teams meetings to a new digital format, which will allow us to convey performance insights more clearly and succinctly.

Client’s performance data will be delivered at the start of each month in a fresh and engaging way—through video presentations. This new approach represents a significant step forward in our communication strategy, and here’s why we’re so thrilled about it:

  • Time Saving: Video presentations allow us to convey complex data and insights with remarkable clarity while being mindful of your time. 
  • Broader Team Involvement: With this digital approach, information sharing is no longer confined to a select few. Clients will be able to easily distribute these video highlights to their broader team, promoting better involvement and collaboration across their organisation when it comes to their digital marketing performance.
  • Viewing at Leisure: No more worrying about juggling schedules. Video presentations grant you the flexibility to watch our updates at your convenience, be it in the office or at home. Take your time to review and absorb the information when it suits you best.

Open door

Despite this move towards efficiency, we remain committed to providing a personal touch - always.

As well as video reports, 2024 will also see CLD rolling out and trialling a new automated booking system, which will make it easier than ever for clients to schedule meetings with their account manager. Clients will be encouraged to use this new feature whenever they want to discuss performance, strategy new opportunities or any other digital marketing topic.

Efficient, approachable, knowledgeable.

With these exciting new changes planned in 2024, the team at CLD is looking forward to delivering greater value and prosperity to its account portfolio in the coming year.

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