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All great projects start with a conversation.

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Brand Strategy

For us, brands are about meaning. Your brand is the sum total of all the meanings that all your possible audiences carry about you in their heads and in their hearts.

Defining who you are and what you stand for is difficult when you’re so close to your business. It’s common to get caught up in the detail, making it surprisingly hard to see things from your customer’s perspective. 

Our brand strategy services help you overcome these problems by offering a fresh perspective, backed up by meaningful research and an in-depth understanding of your business. We help you close the gap between internal and external perceptions of your business, and clarify who you are and what you stand for.

Our brand strategy process

Our directors have worked with a range of different businesses, and over the years they’ve developed a process framework that works for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The process is delivered with a series of workshops which include thought-provoking exercises to challenge the way you position your business. Within these workshops, we create agreed descriptions for your brand - what it is, who it talks to, and how it talks to them.

We answer some seemingly basic questions: who you are, what you do, how you excel at doing it.

Getting creative

You may not think you’re unique, but even if you’re not, we can tell your story in a unique way that will stand out and get you noticed.

The workshops can’t be rushed. It’s vital to keep some time in between the workshops - we call it the ‘incubation period’. We like our clients to think that we sit in darkened rooms with cold towels on our heads, but more often than not, our ideas bubble up whilst we’re hoovering or cutting the grass!

A fun way to accelerate innovation

Working with directors in this way is always fun, but it does require a commitment of time and head space. The output has the potential to unlock new opportunities and accelerate innovation across the whole business. Throughout the process, we make sure that we explain branding terminology in plain English: we appreciate that it’s hard to understand the difference between positioning and style or vision and mission if you’re not a brand strategy expert.

If you have a branding project that you think CLD could help you with, please contact us with an outline of your requirements and your preferred deadline.