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Hamilton Specialist Referrals

For the best pets in the world

Michael Hamilton had a vision for a new style of vet referral hospital.

The plans for the building were in the early stages but the name, identity and brand were yet to be agreed. Michael approached CLD to help shape the brand and create the identity.

Before touching any creative, we worked with Michael and his wife in a workshop format. The workshops included a range of exercises that helped to open their minds and really think about the shape and style of organisation they wanted to create.

We distilled Michael’s thinking into clearly defined attributes, benefits and values. We then added some personality to create a simple yet stunning identity to showcase the brand.

The strap line ‘For the best pets in the world’ was used to make clients feel valued and to establish that the hospital was more than just a standard veterinary practice.

The identity and narrative were recorded in a brand manual, which was used to steer the design methodology for the whole building, from soft furnishings to signage, and even the behaviour of clients and employees within the space.

We developed an addictive platform game that Michael and the team used to help launch the brand at the London Vet Show.