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All great projects start with a conversation.

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Putting your users first

UX Design

User Experience (UX) Design has an important role to play at CLD. Our focus on digital performance requires constant collaboration with our UX designers; before, during and after website build projects.

Initially, we ensure that the websites and apps we design are user friendly and subsequently we optimise engagement metrics and conversions.

A site’s aesthetics and ease of use can significantly improve dwell time and pages per visit


If you’ve had a few websites designed but have never quite gotten it right, it’s quite likely the planning stage wasn’t given the attention it deserved.

According to psychologist Marcel Gommans, a good website ‘has to be designed for a targeted customer segment’ which means that a thorough analysis of the target market should be the foundation of your website strategy.

Our UX design process starts with this audience analysis, which in turn influences the goals and user stories. This research is the foundation that helps us avoid assumptions and instead make information-driven decisions.

A tailored approach

Our approach is tailored according to the level of sophistication required and the complexity of the project functionality. At a minimum, we’ll create keyword research, user personas, sitemaps, wireframe prototypes, and basic content modelling to document the different types of content. 

When the requirements are more complex we scale up as required; we’re able to offer workshops to provide a framework for meaningful discussion, market research through third parties and usability testing from a trusted partner.

Why we are different

Our UX designers work collaboratively with our SEO and PPC specialists and their work is under constant scrutiny from them, and from thousands of users every day.

If you’ve ever tried to join up disparate design and development teams you’ll be all too familiar with the problems that can arise.

Our UX designers literally sit next to our front-end developers so we avoid a myriad of problems, increase efficiency and achieve a higher-quality end product.

If you have a website or app project that you think CLD could help you with, please contact us with an outline of your requirements, your preferred deadline and if possible an idea of your available budget.