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All great projects start with a conversation.

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We’re Craft CMS Developers

You Dream It, We’ll Build It

Our Craft CMS development team can help with:

  • Craft CMS
  • Migrations
  • Custom Plugins
  • Multi-site
  • Integrations
  • Craft Commerce
  • Maintenance & Hosting
  • UX Design and Web Development

A talented team of in-house designers and developers

Discover the magic of working with our team of talented in-house Craft CMS developers. We take pride in delivering top-quality code that’s not only elegant but also secure, maintainable, and high-performing.

We’ve been in the Craft CMS game since the beginning, having built over 50 beautiful websites. Whether you’re looking for a custom checkout process for your multi-site or a sleek B2B marketing website, our expert team will guide you in the right direction without overwhelming you with technical jargon.

Why use CLD for your Craft CMS project?

  • Rocket


    Our Craft code is the cleanest code you’ll find. We keep things simple and create sites that are fast to load, easy to maintain and designed to suit your needs.

  • Mountain


    We ensure your site is future-proof & built to evolve. With a deep understanding of future-friendly content strategy, our Craft sites can survive many years of redesigns.

  • Building


    The beauty of working from a blank canvas is that anything is possible. We exploit that by designing websites from the content outwards, rather than the other way around.

Partner with a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency Specialising in Craft CMS

We’re a full-service digital marketing agency that has specialised in Craft CMS from the beginning, giving us a unique position to offer customers with Craft CMS websites a complete solution.

We have a senior management team with decades of experience in marketing strategy, supported by a team of account handlers, project managers, PPC and SEO specialists and, of course UX designers and Craft CMS developers.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that switching to a new Craft CMS agency can be challenging, and you may have many questions. To help facilitate more meaningful discussions when you get in touch with us, we’ve tried to anticipate some of your concerns.

How do you maintain a high standard of customer service?

We have dedicated project managers and account handlers who respond quickly and provide transparent quotes before starting work. Additionally, we offer efficient and organised retainer-based services that our clients love.

What tools do you use for task estimation and progress tracking?

We use Asana for task estimation or progress tracking, ensuring that communication is streamlined and efficient for our clients.

What do you need to know before providing a quote?

We’ll need access to the code if you have an existing Craft CMS website. We’re happy to sign an NDA. If you have a feature wishlist and an in-progress list, that would be great too. If you’d like a quote for a new website, please provide as much information as possible as a written brief.

How many Craft CMS developers do you have?

We have three Craft CMS developers and two project managers. We often have multiple developers working on the same sites to share the knowledge and reduce key man dependencies.

Can you support Craft Commerce websites?

We have extensive experience in building and maintaining Craft Commerce websites. In fact, we’ve built bespoke solutions for healthcare clients, including importing medical products, among other things.

Do you offer Craft CMS hosting?

We provide website hosting services on behalf of Digital Ocean.

What’s your hourly rate?

We work at an hourly rate of £100 per hour. We also work on a project basis, defined by an initial estimate and then a scope of work.

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