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Web Development

Who uses Craft CMS?

Steve Boyce

If you’ve found your way to this blog it’s likely that you’ve inherited a Craft CMS website or you’re considering using it for a new website.

We’ve been working with Craft CMS since 2015 and we love it, but we often come across clients that don’t share the same confidence, mainly because they’ve never heard of Craft CMS. They would rather use WordPress because, well because everyone else does!

It’s true, WordPress is ubiquitous, and sometimes it is more suitable. If you want to throw up a quick site and use an existing theme, then it’s likely that Craft CMS isn’t for you.

If you are considering Craft CMS we would love to talk to you so we can explain why it’s our CMS of choice, but if you’re just here for some quick validation please read on...

Knowing who uses a CMS you’re considering will give you reassurance it’s a trusted choice, and allow you to validate it as a worthy option.

The big hitters using Craft

Craft CMS is clearly a popular & trusted option with 42,535 sites currently using it (according to, including Microsoft, Apple, Reddit, Adobe, BigCommerce, Netflix, Ikea, AT&T, McDonald’s, and Dell, plus numerous government, financial, and educational organisations.

Craft CMS offers an enterprise level service for the likes of Disney, but the product is essentially the same as that offered to everyone else. Enterprise level clients require a more bureaucratic approach to licensing and hosting, which Pixel and Tonic are happy to provide (at an appropriately inflated price).

Some of those brands use Craft because of the security practices that are employed by the team at Craft CMS. If you’re interested in reading about the measures that have been put it place to secure Craft at a core level please read this Security FAQ article.

An important big win

As well as the above notable brands/companies, Craft recently beat WordPress and Statamic as the CMS of choice for W3C (the World Wide Web Consortium, who are responsible for key standards that make the World Wide Web work, such as HTML, CSS, accessibility, web payments and more).

W3C concluded that accessibility was a major factor in their decision-making. To them, Craft had gone the extra mile by committing to a roadmap to reach compliance and hiring an in-house accessibility expert to report accessibility issues and educate the development team.

Some notable UK brands using Craft CMS

There are currently over 5,768 live sites using Craft in the UK spanning a broad range of interests, including:


Top agencies using Craft CMS

Who is it for?

Brandon Kelly, CEO and President of Craft says:

“The CMS is for people who like to take their time and do things right. It’s for those of us who truly approach our work with the utmost skilfulness and craft. We craftsmen actually like writing every last HTML tag by hand, and we wouldn’t touch an off-the-shelf theme with a ten-foot stick. It’s for web agencies that strive to make their clients happy by delivering the best solution possible. And it’s for site owners, who just want a simple tool to keep their website updated with fresh content, without going up a steep learning curve”.

Having picked up awards like Best CMS for SMB, Best CMS for Developers, and Best WordPress Alternative, Craft has certainly marked its place as a viable alternative to other major CMS players and should be a contender in your future CMS consideration.