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CLD Team

Meet the CLDer: 11 Questions to Gareth

Here at CLD we want you to know who we are, so without further ado, meet our team of doers, dreamers, believers and innovators! This week we are featuring Digital Marketing Director, Gareth Cartman. 

Name: Gareth Cartman

Speciality: Digital Strategy

Favourite Saying: Marvellous

Favourite Film: Inside Llewyn Davis

The book I recently read: I’m reading Anquetil, Alone at the moment - a biography of the French cyclist, and intend to return to Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers when I’m done with that.

Favourite food: Wine is a food, yes?

Favourite record: Motorcycle Emptiness by the Manic Street Preachers

Favourite thing about CLD: I remember when there were five of us working out of a basement. Times have changed, there’s 15 of us now and we’re higher up, but the ethos hasn’t changed - we have no salespeople, we just have professionals who love what they do, who care about what they do, and care about how our clients do. When you can talk to clients on a level about their business, and how together we can help them grow & meet their targets, it’s incredibly rewarding. I don’t think many agencies out there work this way.

Favourite CLD campaign so far: The World Is Ready For You - a campaign for a local recruitment agency towards millennials that showed images of young people day-to-day displaying work skills such as multitasking, etc. A great way of cutting through & getting some brand visibility where the agency wouldn’t usually have played. And as an old-fashioned SEO hack, the four-year SEO and guest posting campaign that helped one of our clients, a Microsoft Reseller, outrank Microsoft for one of their Dynamics products. I’m printing that on a t-shirt.

If not at my desk, you can find me… on my road bike, up a hill somewhere

Currently waiting for: The Red Sox to win the World Series, Everton to win something, and the day I’m able to climb the Oude Kwaaremont without climbing off my bike and walking. One of these I can control, one is possible, the other seems impossible…

about Sandra Kaminska

Digital Marketing & Social Media Expert at CLD. Passionate about social media, digital marketing and PR, Sandra has recently joined our agency to kick-off bespoke social campaigns. She loves quality content, observing people and delicious food. 

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