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Patient-centric websites for Johnson & Johnson

New suite of EMEA websites for a Johnson & Johnson medical device manufacturer


Animas, part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Diabetes Companies, engaged CLD to rejuvenate their online presence in Europe. They requested new websites for the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, specifically for people with diabetes and carers.

All websites had to meet strict security and healthcare related compliance regulations.

Our Goals

We were required to learn the user behaviours and language used, when talking about type 1 diabetes, in order to deliver a guided journey for users at different stages of awareness. As part of this process, there was a requirement to digitise the ordering process with an Estore that was linked to internal systems.


Medical copywriting, UX / UI Design, Front-end and Back-end development, Ecommerce integration, Market research, Hosting, Pen testing

Our Approach

We worked with a Healthcare Market Research company to gain an insight into the minds of people with diabetes and their families and carers. This led to a review of all existing content and a content map to plan the respective journeys.

Our copywriters worked alongside the various teams at Johnson & Johnson to define the content approval processes, from internal review through to copy, medical, legal and trademark review.

Upon approval of the prototypes we proceeded to build the UK, and then adapted it for the other regions. To do this, we used the multi-site capabilities of ExpressionEngine. This enabled the Animas marketing teams across Europe to share content, images, and downloads across the four sites.

Animas Academy

As part of a separate project, we worked with Froidevaux and Partner in Switzerland to create an educational portal for people with Type 1 Diabetes. The portal content was created with the help of a scientific committee, to oversee the medical relevance of the advice provided.


The new Estore was a revolution for Animas, it improved efficiencies and decreased customer service requests. The suite of websites across EMEA improved marketing metrics and engagement rates were all up. The digital presence of the brand stood out in the market and helped Animas steal market share from its competitors.