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Buckinghamshire College Group

A new brand identity for 3 college merger

Due to a merger of Aylesbury College and Amersham & Wycombe College, a new name and identity were required.

The brief to CLD was relatively tight, we were asked to create an identity that showed three parts coming together as one.

Having created the original Aylesbury College identity in 2008, we knew this new identity had to be simple, adaptable and vibrant. We created Pinterest boards for inspiration and to set a benchmark of quality. We spent weeks covering the design studio - and our homes - in sketches and ideas to help solve the brief.

As the brief required, the logo was constructed from three shapes that represent the three campuses coming together. We also designed a range of similar shapes that could be used as masks and colour blocks. When the system is put together with imagery it creates a striking, colourful identity.