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The London Bridge Experience

How we boosted London Bridge’s sales

The London Bridge Experience is a multi-award-winning immersive theatrical experience in London. They approached CLD to help them boost ticket sales for their Halloween-themed show ‘Phobophobia’.

A focus on PR and Social Media

We wanted to create a real buzz around The London Bridge Experience’s Phobophobia shows to help our client attract visitors and increase ticket sales. Social media channels and digital PR placements were natural choices due to the sheer scale of the potential audience. Other tactics were deployed but our main focus was social media and PR outreach.

Paid social media to boost reach

To complement our organic posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we also used paid social campaigns (Facebook and Instagram) so we could reach new, relevant audiences and drive traffic to the website.

A multi-faceted PR strategy

Our PR strategy was deliberately multi-faceted. After crafting a strong press release about Phobophobia, we reached out to the national and local press, and relevant social media influencers and event booking portals.

Conversion optimisation for PPC

We also made some timely changes to the website: at the beginning of October, we created a Halloween-themed home page and launched a campaign landing page which was optimised for a one-off PPC campaign.


We had a brilliant response to our PR outreach from the media publications, online bloggers and social influencers we approached. Multiple media and event portal sites promoted the show through their social media channels, as well as publishing a connected piece of content on their sites. Through close collaboration with social influencers, we were able to successfully generate a genuine buzz about the shows. 

Thanks to our carefully crafted PR activity, news of the Halloween show reached c. 355 million readers across 49 live pieces of coverage: 

  • The national press, including Time Out, The Sun and The Evening Standard
  • Event portals, including and
  • Media sites, including Capital FM and
  • Many influencer blogs such as Formidable Joy and Memoirs of a Metro Girl
  • Social media call-outs from Gail Porter, Millwall Football Club, Londonist, Paul Manners and Dani Dyer