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From humble beginnings to 14 localised websites

Hytera has rapidly become a global leader in radio communications. Originating in China, Hytera expanded to the UK, Europe, Australia, Asia and the Americas.

Hytera partnered with CLD to ensure such far-reaching growth was accurately reflected in their online presence and digital strategy. We were tasked with building a new website, initially for the UK, to be rolled out to other countries dependent on the UK project’s success. The website had to improve the perception of the Hytera brand and increase the visibility of their product range.

Intuitive product finder to showcase the range
SEO friendly titles to improve organic search

Multi-region Content Management

Hytera needed a way to manage and consolidate their content while allowing not only for direct translations but also for regional content variations.

CLD knew that Craft’s intuitive multi-site and localization capabilities would be the perfect solution for such a problem. We built a multi-site platform on Craft CMS, starting with just two regions. As Craft’s superpowers became increasingly evident, and as regional Hytera managers saw the momentum gathering behind the project, more and more Hytera regions were brought onboard: CLD now helps various local Hytera teams to manage content in 14 separate locales, all through a single Craft installation.

Intuitive product finder
Stunning product photography commissioned
Bespoke online user manual for the CMS
Micro site development for B2C product range

Digital PR Earns Links & Mentions

To further improve the perception of Hytera, we helped craft a series of industry case studies. They also served as great material for digital PR. To date, we have achieved over 100 placements across more than 70 different publications. Not only does this give Hytera publicity in front of potential buyers, but it earns links and mentions, which are hugely valuable for SEO.


UX Reviews Improve Conversion Rate

Our analysts are constantly on the lookout for improvements that will improve the number of quality enquiries. We noticed some attrition on the website, where people were leaving before they could potentially make an enquiry. We A/B tested proposed design changes to both product pages and the ‘Find a Dealer’ section, and this immediately resulted in a 110% improvement on visits to dealer websites.

We have seen a 110% improvement in visits to dealer websites

DMR Keyword Focus Pays Off

One of our key objectives was to ensure Hytera ranked for DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) keywords. The phrase “two way radios” was dominated by e-commerce players, an indication that people who searched for this phrase were looking to buy a radio directly. With DMR terms, we could target the more educated, high-budget visitor. We built more in-depth content and optimised the main DMR pages, as well as the structure of the site within the redesign.

We achieved number 1 positions for “DMR Radios” and “DMR systems”, while Hytera continues to rank well for the keyword “DMR” alone.

SEO Delivers Constant Improvement

When we started work with Hytera UK, their organic presence was only starting to develop. We put in place a programme of in-depth keyword research and on-page SEO to establish solid foundations. This delivered a three-fold increase in traffic over the first two years.

However, with the new website going live in early 2017, this was an opportunity to seriously improve engagement.

As a result, organic search has increased 176% over the last two years.