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Rayfield Allied

Classical music, artist management website

A potentially complicated filtering system was made to look easy with an intuitive mobile-first solution.


Rayfield Allied is a respected classical music artist management company based in London. They manage established international artists alongside the most exciting emerging talent.

Our Goals

Redesign the existing site from the ground up, with a focus on user experience and content management.


UX / UI Design, Front-end and Back-end Development, Hosting, Content Management

Our Approach

We worked through a wireframe stage in order to define the filtering system and the content mapping for the artist profile area. We then designed a bespoke site to suit the existing brand and built the site in Craft CMS.

We opted for a magazine style layout due to the abundance of content and the rate it was refreshed; this keeps the site looking fresh and gives the clients a reason to come back.


The website is used on a daily basis and is a vital tool for the agency. Craft CMS was adopted with delight and continues to be maintained in-house with very little help from CLD.