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Spotting a niche in the market

Working towards KPIs in partnership with the Zap marketing team


ZAP had recently launched their new product, which connected CRMs and ERPs to business intelligence dashboards. Our first campaigns had been about building pipeline, and discovering which messages worked with which markets. By A/B testing rigorously, we discovered that there was a particular demographic that was engaging with a very particular message.

Our Goals

We were tasked with bringing this demographic of data scientists into the pipeline at a CPL of lower than £35, with a target of 200 leads.


White Paper copywriting & design, Audience Research, Paid Social, Analytics & Reporting

Our Approach

We promoted a generic White Paper with a four-way split which reflected the four ‘flavours’ of ZAP Data Hub at the time. By analysing demographic data from our InMail campaign, we saw that Data Scientists were opening the Data Governance flavour at a 70% rate. Therefore, we suggested writing a specific Data Governance white paper just for this demographic, and A/B testing different headlines within the niche.


We achieved significantly better results than forecast, with over 380 leads at a CPL lower than £20 per download.

“The team are talented, personable and very hard working. We have quickly become one of their larger clients due to a sustained month-on-month increase in our spend with them. As a Marketing professional, you’ll appreciate that this only happens if results are going in the right direction.”