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Data driven design

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We never stop working to drive the right people to your site, improve their experience and grow your business. You’ll find we’re never completely satisfied with good results – we’re always looking for better.

With so many variables in play, there’s always a lot of data to interpret. Most businesses simply don’t have the resource or expertise to run the numbers – we do. Our team works together to prioritise and evaluate data insights – they analyse to spot patterns, follow journeys and identify roadblocks.

Our clients’ websites are under constant scrutiny from our data-led digital marketing team.


We use a variety of data analysis tools to track user entry and exit points, measure their page engagement and what devices they’re using. We find out which channel brought them in and build a demographic picture of your audience.

We conduct user tests, and review heatmaps along with visitor recordings to learn about their pain points and why they abandon your conversion funnel. With this wealth of data, we can better understand what it is that your customers want to do and align user intent with the buyer’s journey.

The better aligned someone’s intent is with their actual experience, the more likely they are to convert


Once we’ve created hypotheses, we prioritise those that will have the greatest potential impact on your website’s conversion rate. We implement our experiment against the control (your current website) and split traffic to each version to track performance – known as A/B testing. From there, we measure the key metrics – was our hypothesis correct? Has statistical significance been reached? Were there any new findings?

Implement and repeat

After testing is complete we will provide a full report, implement any findings and move on to the next set of tests. A CRO strategy is a long-term undertaking and can’t be done overnight – however, results are black and white and we can show how small iterations can have a huge impact on conversions.

If you have a website that you think CLD could help you with, please contact us with an outline of your requirements, your preferred deadline and if possible an idea of your available budget.

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