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How do you outrank Microsoft?

Preact is the most prominent Microsoft Partner online, and since working with CLD has seen a 350% increase in search traffic - even outranking Microsoft for some product keywords.

As a reseller of Microsoft Dynamics, they face a major challenge: How do you grow search visibility when the manufacturer of that product owns the first page?

Outranking Microsoft - how we did it

We combined on-page and off-page strategies to ensure that Preact was constantly associated with Microsoft Dynamics. Meta data and content on-site, as well as Preact’s blogging programme, ensured that the site was well populated.

In the meantime, we created a guest blogging programme of at least 5 pieces of thought leadership per month, with deep links to the Preact website. We ensured these posts were from high-quality websites, and earned editorial links from a range of CRM and Technology sites.

In 2014, after 18 months of guest blogging, Preact outranked Microsoft for the term “Microsoft Dynamics 2014”, a key product name. They repeated the feat in 2015.

Conversion optimised landing page template

On-page SEO and information architecture

When Preact came to CLD in 2012, both users and search engines found it hard to access information from their website. We refreshed the site and simplified the navigation, focusing pages around Dynamics keywords, both long and short-tail.

We refreshed the architecture several times subsequently as the offer changed, maintaining the SEO focus for Google’s robots, but ensuring that users could quickly access the right information.

Content marketing asset created to grow MQLs
Infographic design to visualise a complex solution

Constant Improvement & Testing

We constantly run UX reviews on the Preact website, with A/B testing happening on different landing pages to improve conversion rates. The other impact of improving engagement is improved rankings - the Google Panda algorithm analyses how people engage with websites, and rewards those who provide a good user experience.

The result is that the Preact website now attracts over 20,000 visits every month. Of those who visit from the UK, 35% are now repeat visitors, meaning that Preact’s efforts over the last 6 years have resulted in high brand recognition.