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Quick Tips for New Dads

An iPhone app for new Dads, made by Dads!


Founder Dave Burton was absolutely terrified when his daughter Mia was born. He realised the tiny bundle of life that popped out was completely dependent on him! He just wanted some good, honest ‘Dad advice’, but didn’t know where to look. 

Our Approach

Our initial work with Dave was to break down the functional requirements into user stories and scope the project in terms of phases of development.

The content structure of the App was planned in two main sections: ‘Quick Tips’ and ‘How to Guides’. This allowed us to separate the longer form content from the bitesize tips. In order to provide visual instruction alongside the text we commissioned several photoshoots and invited lots of Dads with newborn babies. Despite the bedlam and hard work the results were amazing, the photos were key to the success of the project.

The Solution

We created a new brand for ‘Quick Tips’ which included: logo design, iconography and a fresh colour palette. The look and feel was purposefully clean and professional, we knew the target audience was mainly men but we were careful not to come across as being ‘laddish’.

The user interface is clear, consistent and easy-to-use. We worked through several iterations before arriving here, user feedback and ongoing simplification was key. As well as the App we also designed a responsive website to promote the App.

We chose to develop a native Apple App rather than an HTML solution due to the phone-dependent requirements on the wishlist. We ensured that the development met with the strict App store criteria and we managed the submission process.


The App received ‘Featured App’ status in the App Store and lots of acclaim in the press. It was also shortlisted in the Wirehive Awards and the Drum Design Awards for ‘Best Mobile Project’.